Preconception Care at CRHG!

The number one statement we get from our patients at @crhgfertility is “I wish there was something I could have done—sooner. Whether you are struggling to conceive, or playing with the idea of children— proper preparation for pregnancy is essential to ensure that the health of the baby is optimized.


As a part of an Integrative Team, we approach fertility in a Step-Wise approach, utilizing the root cause of your fertility—first. Looking at GI Function, I explore how Bacterial Dysbiosis could be the culprit of inflammation, affecting your chances now (or in the future) of implanting an embryo. As a part of our comprehensive plan, we also explore Micronutrient Deficiencies and Heavy Metal Exposure. Even with couples struggling to conceive, we’ve had remarkable results by identifying these barriers and creating the conditions for health (and pregnancy) to thrive.


Once we have the facts, we design a plan that is one-of-a-kind for you and your family to be. If a baby is on your radar, now or 5 years down the line, message me today and see how you can ditch the fear of the future and take control of your health, today. 

Dr. Raquel Hammonds

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