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Fertility IV Therapy Specialist

Center For Reproductive Health & Gynecology

Sam Najmabadi, MD

Infertility Specialist & Reproductive Endocrinologist located in Beverly Hills, CA & Sherman Oaks, CA

Dr. Najmabadi will assess if an IV Therapy may benefit you during your fertility journey. There are multiple packages and options for this service and a personalized plan will be created for you. There are IV drips that may be beneficial to you and your partner during and after your fertility care. We have seen successful changes in patients with their fertility journey by using the benefits of an in depth nutritional evaluation and IV Vitamin Therapy.

Fertility IV Therapy


The modern world that we live in is very toxic and because of that—unfortunately, our brains and bodies are paying for it. The good news is that we have the power to lower the impact of these toxins by taking control of our overall toxic burden. When it comes to detox, the liver plays a huge role in neutralizing these harmful substances. That’s why we need to put much care into supporting your liver during this process with the right food and supplements.

In addition to your liver, your gut also plays a very important role in normal detox processes. While your liver is busy doing its job, your gut must also be healthy, willing and able to handle the hefty amount of toxic waste products that your liver is mobilizing. CRHG’s IVF Detox Infusion works by improving both liver function and gut health for optimal reproductive health *in both mom and dad.* 



Prior to beginning your fertility treatments, we encourage our fertility infusion. This will provide your body with added vitamins and nutrients to make sure your body is ready for the fertility process.


Before you begin your egg freezing treatments, we encourage our Golden Egg Infusion. This IV will provide your body with added vitamins & nutrients to make sure your body is ready to produce eggs of good quality and quantity.


Sperm is highly sensitive to oxidative stress. The production of excessive amounts of free radicals contributes to the mechanism behind male factor infertility by promoting sperm cell dysfunction. Our radical revive will help your body clear excessive free radicals + promote optimal sperm production.


Our Mind & Body IV includes Biotin, and getting enough biotin on a regular basis is an important part of maintaining a healthy metabolism. This supports the health of your digestive system by helping regulate cholesterol and blood sugar levels. It will also help improve your hair, skin and fingernail quality.   


This IV restores your body's natural balance, reduces seasonal allergies, fatigue, inflammation, and chronic pain. Contains essential multivitamins and other nutrients, provides hydration, improves immunity, asthma, or migraines and helps alleviate stress.


Your immune system is one of the most important things during your fertility journey. This IV is designed to help prevent illness & make you feel better faster after getting sick. It includes premium quality compounds that help protect against infection, improves healing time, reduces duration of illness & builds up your immune system.


Many women do detoxes to rid their system of toxicities. This treatment is similar as our Fertility Detox therapy is recommended after every Infertility treatment to clean out the body from all hormonal medication.


This IV helps with the healing process after having a baby. The vitamins will help give new moms the extra energy in their first few months of motherhood. This infusion is also perfect for the rundown mom who needs a pick-me-up. 


Get a healthy boost with a B-12 shot


Fertility IV Therapy Q&A

What is IV Therapy? 

Intravenous therapy (IV) is a therapy that delivers liquid substances directly into a vein. The intravenous route of administration can be used for injections or infusions (commonly referred to as drips). 

Who is eligible for IV Therapy?

Most patients beginning and or are in the process of their fertility treatments. If your body is lacking specific nutrients it can effect not only your health but your fertility as well. We also work with patients that have graduated from our program and new moms that need an energy boost and nutrition rejuvenation post child delivery.

How does the IV Therapy process work?

Dr. Najmabadi  will assess if an IV Therapy may benefit  you during your fertility journey. There are multiple packages and options  for this service and a personalized plan will be created for you. There are  IV drips that may be beneficial to you and your partner during and after  your fertility care.

These are non-FDA approved therapies without scientific supportive data.